Atlas Middleware

Atlas Middleware


The Middleware is the intelligent core of StreamVision IPTV system, hosting the Atlas™ software application which allows to  administrate it entirely. For example,  Atlas™ manages the various equipments configuration, answers to the clients' requests in the heart of the TV Head End, taking in charge configuration of ALCYONE appliances and other devices, serving client requests or hosts the database. It is installed on a Linux platform, accessible through the IP network locally or remotely through the Internet.

Atlas™ is a fully configurable middleware able to adapt to any IPTV project specifications, adaptating to various inputs and outputs requirements, such as various types of TV Head-ends or Set Top Boxes, or even network specific constraints (optic fiber, Ethernet cable, copper pair...)


VOD - Video VOD - Statistics


Atlas™ general and commonly used features, among others:

  • Users requests treatment
  • Centralized administration, configuration and monitoring of IPTV Head-End equipment: Alcyone DVB-to-IP gateways, Analog-to-IP gateways, VOD servers, Digital Signage servers, private channels broadcasters
  • Centralized administration, supervision, and monitoring of users terminals (PC / MAC and Set Top Boxes)
  • Database hosting (users data, content data, services customization data, various technical parameters, users logs, services usage statistics...)
  • System Backup&Restore and Telemaintenance features
  • WAN and LAN securized remote access
  • TV Head-end servers monitoring