Digital Signage - DSS

Digital Signage


DSS - Digital Signage Solution – is StreamVision multimedia system for informative and/or advertising content display over an IP network.

DSS has been designed for different markets, such as hotels/residences, companies, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, public spaces... It offers a centralized way of communicating in real-time on various types of screens. 

DSS may also create an income in special situations.

Digital Signage Solution's architecture


DSS displays high-value information for promotion, advertisement or communication,  allowing to aggregate dynamically the following content:

  • Fixed or scrolling pictures/texts
  • Stored video clips (Promotion, Information, mosaics...), unique or playlisted
  • Live video streams (Breaking News, targeted shows...)
  • Clocks
  • Flash animations
  • Online Web content (Weather forecast, Stock Exchange, Traffic...)
  • RSS feeds


DSS can either be embedded in a Set Top Box, offered as a stand-alone client-server solution, or be integrated as a module in a complete StreamVision IPTV architecture.


Digital Signage example - StreamVision Digital Signage example - Alcatel-Lucent


DSS includes the following functions:

  • Insertion of various objects and screens design
  • Management for multi-format files
  • Programmed distribution through the IP network on any type of video terminal
  • Centralized real-time update of multimedia content
  • Reporting of all activities, and statistics
  • Centralized system administration, locally or remotely through the Internet
  • Emergency notification display


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