TV Channel Broadcaster


The TV Channel Broadcaster is a solution that allows to create TV channels from video files and Live TV streams and to multicast them over an IP network.

The TV Channel Broadcaster gathers all the following features:

  • A/V content agreggation and playlist edition
  • Multicast channels broadcast programming
  • Real time streams monitoring
  • Dynamic selection of authorized viewers
  • History of all activities and events


TV Channel Broadcaster Architecture

By offering to broadcast professional, educative, advertising or just informative content, the TV Channel Broadcaster allows to enrich all StreamVision’s IPTV Solutions: Corporate, Hospitality, eLearning and Digital Signage.

 Playlist programmation through administration interface

Hereafter are the main examples of applications for the TV Channel Broadcaster in various markets:

  • Hospitality: thematic channels creation, Hotel internal communication, external parnerships (Restaurants, Show, Events...)
  • Corporate : broadcast of corporate clips, live broadcast / event rebroadcast (conferences...)
  • Digital Signage : video clips broadcast interspersed with breaking news / weather forecast / stock exchange / traffic information
  • eLearning: targeted video courses broadcast by thema / level / language...


The TV Channel Broadcaster can either be a stand-alone solution or be integrated as an independent module in a complete StreamVision IPTV architecture.